What should someone expect from the ASC buying and selling processes?

For us, expectations equal goals.  Some of the goals that sellers want are peak price and terms as well as a partner that will help grow their business. In order to be able to accomplish those goals, the sellers should expect and be prepared to create a strategic and PROACTIVE sales process and then execute on that process. This will put them in the best position to obtain their expectations. A proactive process will increase the speed, make it more efficient, and manage and increase the overall perception of the business in the eyes of the buyers-which directly affects the value. Additionally they can expect to learn more about their business, their market, etc. You want to know that in and out because you will understand the assumptions driving your financial model and this forms the basis for the valuation. We would recommend that sellers perform a SWOT analysis-Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats. A SWOT analysis guides you to identify the positives and negatives inside your Ambulatory Surgery Center business (that is the S and W) and outside of it, the external environment (that is the O and T).

This will not only help the sellers understand what they need but also communicate what they expect from a buyer and the sale process.

Additionally, you need to expect to put a team around you to help ensure you meet your goals. Physician owners of ambulatory centers are very intelligent and accomplished professionals, but in general will likely only complete one or two sales transactions in the course of a lifetime. Yet those deals will probably be the largest and most significant financial surgery center sales transactions of their career. So by definition, the inexperience of these essentially novice surgery center sellers can prove financially catastrophic as they negotiate with a surgery center buyers’ full-time, professional M&A team. Additionally there are many implications such as legal and tax that you will encounter not to mention the negotiation strategies and business implications. Having the right advisors upfront can help you structure the transaction whereas to mitigate or lessen them

You should have a team that consists of the following:

  • Transaction accountant
  • Business accountant
  • Transaction lawyer
  • Industry specific investment banker
  • Key member(s) of your management team

A transaction committee that is empowered by the group of owners and a Valuation professional  and lastly expect the unexpected and not allow it to create deal fatigue. Humans are emotional creatures and our emotions sometimes get the best of us and understanding the stressors going in will help you manage your expectations.

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