How do you market your surgery center to those buyers and investors?

The first step in marketing you surgery center begins with contacting prospective buyers. This typically takes the form of a scripted phone call to each prospective buyer by a senior member of your group or the investment banker, followed by the delivery of the teaser and Confidentiality agreement via email, mail or some other method. We also will sometimes use email first; make contacts through LinkedIn, not posting in the groups but direct one to one contact and mail depending on the target market.

After the prospective buyer shows interest, we will discuss their desires with them and their ability to actually do the deal. This includes where their funds are coming from, who on their side would be involved with evaluating the transaction, what their typical steps are, timelines, etc. We want to get a feel and set the tone for the process.

After both parties feel comfortable and have executed confidentiality agreements, you will present the prospective investor the seller memorandum. You typically give them several weeks to review, study the information, have internal discussion,s etc.  During this time we will maintain a dialogue with the investors, often providing additional color, guidance and materials as appropriate on a case by case basis. We will open the data room for most of the investors at this time. This will further solidify the interest and trust. After that time we will verify the investor’s continued interest and we could set up a conference call and then an onsite visit. Depending on the number of interested parties, we could start the LOI process and negotiate that. Again depending on the number of buyers that are a solid fit we could start the site visits then go to the LOI, it is a process-based decision made at that point and time.

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