How do I know what buyers are interested in my ASC?

There will be organizations that contact you directly to gauge your interest in selling your center. They could utilize any form of negotiation tactics to leverage the best price for THEM. They may even state that your center is of strategic interest to them and that their offer is based off of their strategic needs. While this could be true, the only way you can be confident that you are getting the best offers is to create competition for your center.

Researching the investor markets for the surgery center buyer universes is not complex. This process is one of the easy steps. For hospital health systems, look towards the hospitals in your immediate market and then the outlying markets for systems that might have an interest in putting a flag in the ground in your ASC’s market. In each of the markets when in doubt, put them on the list of potentials buyers.

For ASC management companies you can look at the ASC association directory, Becker’s Review list of management companies, attend ASC conferences as well as call other ASCs in the state to see who their ASC management companies are. Additionally Google is a great tool for locating local and regional management companies. So is LinkedIn.

For physicians you can look to state provider databases, the hospital, other ASC provider directories and LinkedIn. We often use LinkedIn to reach out to physicians, management companies, hospital executives and financial buyers.

The toughest market for owners is the financial markets. This market is very large and if you have no experience with this market, the tough part is figuring out who would be open to buying ASCs. There are databases that are professionally prepared that have contact information and investment criteria that you can read. You can send out your teaser to the contacts listed.

Additionally if you are thinking payers are within your universe, just look at the list of the insurance providers in the area. Regional providers are typically more interested than national payers, but things are changing.

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