Why Ambulatory Alliances

Why Ambulatory AlliancesMost owners want not only the best sales price multiple for their ambulatory surgery center or endoscopy center, but they also want a corporate partner who will grow their ambulatory surgery center and increase its profits. That is the easy part; from there it only gets more complicated. Most buyers are larger companies (ambulatory surgery center management, healthcare private equity, or hospitals) with professional in-house M&A and corporate development staff. Physician owners of ambulatory surgery centers are very intelligent and accomplished professionals, but in general they will likely only complete one or two M&A transactions in the course of a lifetime. Yet those deals will probably be the largest and most significant financial transactions of their careers. By definition, the inexperience of these essentially novice sellers can prove financially catastrophic as they negotiate with a buyer’s full-time, professional M&A team.

When Ambulatory Alliances, LLC is part of your team, you significantly increase the odds of attaining the outcomes you seek. Ambulatory Alliances’ approach is unique to the lower middle markets. Our information-gathering and strategy development is second to no one and tailored for your center and to each of the buyers. We are known for our 360-degree understanding of the entire transaction — from the legal framework, various ambulatory business models, valuation methodologies, and the private capital markets … as well as for obtaining results that were once unthinkable. Our negotiation experts, aligned with our preparation and market mastery, allow us to get complex deals across the finish line while maximizing both the short-term and long-term value for our clients. Our reputation, experience, and knowledge allow us to garner respect from buyers and their lawyers; thus, we have more influence over the transaction structure, price, and terms. We have mastered the ability to understand and shape our counterparts’ decisions, so that they end up choosing something which is perceived to be in their own best interest … but which, more importantly, is something that you also want.

While you will hear many people recommend that you obtain purchase price proposals from three buyers in order to obtain the best prices, Ambulatory Alliances, LLC believes that in order to obtain the best price and terms, the broad auction approach is the process of choice. An auction markets your ambulatory center to the entire universe of buyers at the same point in time. There are always multiple potential buyers for your ambulatory surgery center, radiation oncology center, or urgent care center, and they have different wants, needs, and desires that change often. We can never know what drives every buyer or segment of buyers; nor do we know who has the strongest need for a transaction. With our approach, we make the market for your ambulatory center.

Unlike the large institutional investment banks or general healthcare business brokers, Ambulatory Alliances, LLC understands what it takes to operate and make an ambulatory center successful. We understand operations, finance, financial analysis, and the vastly different valuation methodologies. We have an investigative mindset and take the time to see the details that others may have missed. We focus intently when necessary, and then we expand our awareness to include elements that are typically in your own blind spot. The more important and complex the negotiations, the more necessary it is for us to be vigilant in seeking out otherwise invisible information. We believe that it not only pays to be more prepared, it pays to look more prepared. The more prepared the potential buyer perceives us to be, and the more systematic we are, the more respect is garnered. This virtually ensures that the buyers see the full value of the ambulatory center that we are marketing, and that our clients capture the maximum value of their transaction.

Ambulatory Alliances, LLC constantly studies our own past transactions, as well as other transactions in the market, to stay sharp on the deal structures and the value drivers that make each potential buyer up their purchase price and increase their terms. We customize the process, transaction presentation, and structure for each potential buyer or investor in order to maximize the value our clients are able to claim.

When the transaction is difficult and obstacles arise, when negotiations are unraveling or when it looks as if the deal is dead, most will have no answer. Ambulatory Alliances, LLC has proven time and time again that this only strengthens our resolve to formulate and execute successful strategies and creative solutions. We take a realistic approach and realize that an initial strategy may not work for all parties, but we’re ready with multiple contingency plans because we have thought through the process and developed strategies that will maximize our clients’ position in the market.

Regardless of what they throw at you; a curve ball, change up, or a fast one, Ambulatory Alliances, LLC has you covered. We go to bat for you!